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About Us 

Our solution is innovative. We use new materials that have not been used in hydrogen tanks so far. Initial research and comparison to the competition show us that we obtained better parameters of the tank. Lighter weight of the tank, lower hydrogen permeability, high storage pressure are the attributes of our hydrogen storage that outperform the competition. The technology used to build the proposed energy storage will reduce costs and propose a much more favorable price compared to solutions available on the market.

HydroTank - pitch-2.png

High-pressure gas storage tanks are one of the largest and fastest growing markets for modern composites, in particular composites made of wound carbon fibres. Thanks to the use of an innovative combination of carbon and basalt fiber braid, our tanks are highly competitive. In addition, thanks to the addition of a special filler added to the resin used for the production of the tank, HydroTank is characterized by much lower permeability than competing products. These two features are to give our product an advantage in the event of a reversal of market trends or in a direct one competition.

HydroTank - pitch-2.png
Image by Anna Saveleva

How will our innovation impact the society ?

This innovation will influence the development of energy companies in Europe. The creation of an efficient hydrogen storage facility will expand the use of electrolysis and the use of fuel cells to generate energy from hydrogen.

More efficient tanks will help reduce the energy consumption of buildings by increasing the share of renewable energy sources in power generation sources, accelerating the rollout of cars powered by engines that use hydrogen as a fuel source.

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